Flashback Friday

Time for another installment of Flashback Friday!  On Fridays, I’m going to offer commentary on some of my favorite old school tracks.  Stay tuned for the song after my food and work out!


Same breakfast as yesterday and the day before.  I ran out of that can of pumpkin, and I don’t want to open another yet.  So, no more smoothies after this one!

I did manage to have a different lunch.  I made a pizza with an everything bagel.  Gorgonzola cheese, pizza sauce, and baby arugula.

Close up of pizza.

On the side, I had roasted broccoli.

I enjoyed a new REI purchase for an afternoon snack.

A seasonal flavor!  Very nice.


I ran 5 miles in 60 minutes after work.  I see the same people in the park when I run.  Not my best run, but it was fine.

Flashback Friday

Back in the day, I loved NSync.  My parents even took me to a concert.  It was Father’s Day weekend 2001.  We also got a puppy the same weekend.  The dog is still around, and you can even check out his twitter account here.

This song was never a hit, but I still listened to it all the time.

Since it wasn’t a hit, they didn’t make an actual music video.  I remember listening to this song on repeat in middle school.  I think I had a vague idea of what it was about, but not really.  Wow.  This song is dirty.  I can’t imagine what my parents thought hearing this!  It’s shocking how subtly dirty these songs are!  But NSync was talking about internet dating before it was common.  Or at least internet relationships.  Kudos to them for that.

It is still catchy nonetheless.

Have you ever listened to a song from your childhood and been shocked by the lyrics?


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3 Responses to Flashback Friday

  1. Julia says:

    I saw NSYNC in concert way too many times, and I remember being absolutely shocked they humped the stage during this song. I totally knew what the song was about, but for some reason seeing it played out in person was pretty messed.

    • Anna S. says:

      That sounds messed up!! I saw the celebrity your so they didn’t do this song.

      Oh nsync. I saw Joey fatone in orlando this summer! At a star wars event, not a Joey fatone concert.

  2. Racks says:

    I love this song. But I think Space Cowboy is my favorite song of theirs. Who wouldn’t want to be a space cowboy?

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