Running like a Camel

Happy Monday all!  I love having Mondays off.  Everything is less crowded!  My long run was today since I was shopping with my friend yesterdaI y.


Pre-run was a chocolate powerbar!  Unfortunately, peanut butter irritates my stomach on runs, so I can’t eat the normal blogging world pre-run breakfast of pb and bagel.  Powerbars work well for me though!

During the run I ate two Gu packets.

First up was a new to me flavor!  Mint chocolate.

I really like the chocolatey/vanilla flavors of Gu.  It reminds me of frosting.  I liked it a lot!  I ate this after 3 miles.  I also ate an unpictured chocolate Gu at 6 miles.

Lunch was a sandwich.

After errands, I went to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner: Noodles and Company!  Noodles is really delicious, pretty fast, and as far as restaurants go, pretty easy to order healthy!  I ordered my favorite, the Japanese Pan Noodle with Tofu, to go!

I enjoyed the Japanese Pan Noodles at home.


I ran 10 miles in 1:58.  I felt pretty good.  They were doing some landscaping in the park I run in, so my  loops were interesting, but it was okay!

New Gear

I tested out another REI purchase during my run today!  I know with upcoming marathon training I need a way to hydrate on the go.  I was toying with the idea of hydration belts.  However, when I saw this Camelbak hydration pack on sale at REI, I decided to try it!  I knew even if it didn’t work out well with running, it would be perfect for biking.

I bought the Annadel model.

Overall, I really liked this!  I was afraid it would bounce around on my back, but it really didn’t!  It took some time to figure out how to place the straw so it wouldn’t be irritating, but when I did, it was great.

It even had a cute little pocket for my gu.

Having something on my back was awkward at first, but I quickly got used to it.

I can’t wait to use this again.  I do wish there was a way to carry both gatorade and water, like there would be with a hydration belt, but I don’t like having things around my waist.

Do you carry water with you while running?


About Anna S.

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4 Responses to Running like a Camel

  1. chris says:

    Way to get that long run in. Keep it up. I like the new gu flavour

  2. lowandbhold says:

    I can’t find that chocolate mint gu flavor anywhere! It sounds so good.

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