Flashback Friday

Hi all!  I love Fridays because my favorite show, The Soup, is on!  Joel McHale is hilarious.


No pictures today.  I was at a teacher’s conference, followed by a reception at the museum.  I was with people that don’t know about the blog/I didn’t want to freak out.

I started with a pumpkin smoothie.

Lunch was a vegetable lasagna (I feel like this is the default meal for people who don’t eat meat at catered events?).  It was mostly cheese.  I think I saw two carrots in it.

Dinner was appetizers at the museum.  I had some roasted veggies, cheese and crackers, and a lemon bar.  Very balanced.

Flashback Friday

Each Friday, I will be featuring Old School songs that are excellent running tracks.  I will offer my commentary on the songs!

I listen to the radio a lot.  When I bought my iPod nano, one of the reasons I chose it instead of the shuffle was because of the ability to listen to FM Radio.  I also always listen to the radio in my car.  It’s a great (Free) way to get new music.  This is great especially while running.  It keeps me from getting bored!  Plus, you can support a local business (if your radio isn’t a chain!).

On Tuesday, I heard Getting Jiggy with it by Will Smith on the Radio.

On Wednesday, I heard Welcome to Miami by Will Smith.

Now, I like Will Smith songs as much as the random person who happens to like Will Smith songs.  But two in two days!  It seems a little extreme.

And ever since I heard Welcome to Miami I have had one question on my mind.

It wasn’t how does Miami feel about being displayed as a city that simply parties and never does work.  I mean, clearly the do work.  Even the cast of Jersey Shore had a job while they were there.

It wasn’t how do the women in Miami feel about being portrayed as being “half-dressed and fully equipped.”

It wasn’t where in the world did the term jiggy come from.  And is it really that subtle anymore.

It wasn’t does Sly Stallone REALLY hang out in clubs all the time in Miami.  I would imagine I would be suprised if I saw Sly Stallone in a club.  And was the Sly Stallone reference REALLY cultural relevant when this song came out?  I would be creeped out if I saw Sly Stallone in a club.  I’m just saying.

No. The question that has been bothering me since Wednesday is this.

Do you consider Will Smith an actor or a “singer”? I mean, I would consider him an actor.  I know he was in a rap group, which lead to The Fresh Prince.  I feel like his acting accomplishments have been far superior.  Also, does anyone remember Will Smith pre-Fresh Prince?

I also think he is a BETTER actor than singer.

Whatever, his songs are pretty catchy.  I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days.


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4 Responses to Flashback Friday

  1. Louise says:

    Haha, I have to say, the only time i’ve been to Miami the women WERE half dressed… But so were the men! I have never seen so few clothes on so many people.

  2. Living all the way down on the other side of the world in New Zealand, I have to admit that I have two (count ’em, two) impressions of Miami.

    One is from CSI Miami, from whence I have learned that all forensic scientists (except for the department head) are stunningly gorgeous and 50% wear stillettos to crime scenes. The rest either loom or do the hokey-cokey with their sunglasses. The other is from Burn Notice, wherein I have discovered that it’s a hotbed of spygames, and if I’m really lucky and have a really awful problem, an ex-spy, a trigger-happy ex-IRA agent and and ex-seal will solve it for me and probably send me away with lots of money afterwards (actually, I kind of like that version of it…)

    As for Will Smith. I have to admit, he’s definitely more an actor than a singer in my mind. I’ve only seen his silly action/comedy type films (and yes, I’m going to class Independence Day in with those), but they’re fun mindless entertainment. I’ve also heard that he does well in his more serious ones as well, but you couldn’t prove it by me.

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