Race Recap: St. Louis Half Marathon

Hi all!

Yesterday I ran the St. Louis Half Marathon starting in Clayton, Mo.  I thought it was a pretty fun race!  I also PRed, but more on that later!

I’m going to go back to Saturday to recap!


I left work about 30 minutes early, came home, and finished packing.  I grabbed some dinner from Noodles and Co before hitting the road to St. Louis.

My family was staying at hotel in Clayton.  I stayed the night in the hotel because it was closer to the start line.  Also, it was quieter than staying with friends so I could go to bed earlier.

I met up with my dad who had picked up my race packet beforehand, and I started getting all of my things ready.

I was pretty impressed by the race shirt!  They even had women’s sizes!


Back!  I really like that it is green!  I don’t have any green technical shirts.

I laid out my outfit for the morning as well.

My Lewis and Clark half Marathon shirt, running capris, and shoes.

All of my other stuff for the morning.

Before I went to bed, I ate about 3/4 of a Powerbar.


I woke up at 5:30 on Sunday morning.  I enjoyed the views of the sun rising on the balcony while I ate another Powerbar.

You can see the Bally’s gym I went to while in college.  My college gym had odd hours, especially in the summer, so I joined Bally’s.  I enjoyed it, but it was kind of difficult to cancel when I moved.

We were about a mile from the start line.  My grandpa drove my dad and I to the start at around 6:45.  The race started at 7:30.

Clare and I had talked about meeting up, but we never made any definite plans!  She had an awesome race though.  Great job Clare!

My dad and I accidentally lined up near the front of the group!  We realized it and made our way further back.  I didn’t want to get passed by everyone at the start.

My dad runs with me in races, but he is faster than I am normally.  Just to clarify!

The course was a lot hillier than the other two halfs I have done.  My goal was to keep it under 2:30 if at all possible (my last half was 2:29:48).

We started out probably a little too fast!  When we hit the first mile marker, my Garmin said 9:36!  I don’t run 9:36 miles.  However, I also had .87 on my Garmin instead of 1 mile.

The first 3 miles were through downtown Clayton and past my college before entering Forest Park!

The first 3 miles were also pretty constant hills.  You would go up, head down, and go up again!  We kept it around 10:30 miles.  I actually set a PR for a 5k during the race!

I really enjoyed running past Wash U!  This was the first time I ran by the college since I lived on campus Sophomore year.  When I lived in my apartment, I pretty much stuck to running in Forest Park or near my apartment.

I went into the half planning on walking 1 minute through the water stops.  My first half I walked 2 minutes through the water stops, and during Lewis and Clark I walked 1 minute 30 seconds through the water stops.  I’m going to keep it at 1 minute for a while, possibly for good.  I like looking towards walk breaks!  I also see nothing wrong with taking them.

The first water stop was Mile 3.  I ate a Vanilla Bean Gu and walked for 1 minute.  The next 7 miles were all in Forest Park!  It was great.  I love running through Forest Park, and it was nice to run on the roads instead of the path.  We had some people ask us what we were running.

Mile 3-4 was gorgeous.  We ran past the Art Museum and the Missouri History Museum!  It was fun to run on a road I parked on for 2 years while interning there.

We ran by a lot of the Forest Park sites! There was a brutal hill by the Science Center.  I didn’t have to walk up the hill though, which I was happy about.  We also ran past the ice skating rink where I met my boyfriend almost 4 years ago.

We stopped for water around Mile 4.5.  When we ran past the Jewel Box in Forest Park, I knew we were running up an even worse hill come mile 7 or 8.  I won’t even bike up this hill!  I was not looking forward to that, but I kept running as we ran past the Muny!  I managed to PR at the 10K point too!

We conquered the hill with no walking!

Jacob met up with us around Mile 10.  It was good to see him.  He biked with us pretty much from there until the end.  He kept biking ahead and dropping back.  It was fun to chat with him.  Well, my dad chatted with him.  I pretty much trudged on.

My knee started hurting around mile 10.  I kept running though.

My grandpa was waiting for us outside of our hotel.  He mad a sign that said U R My Hero.  It was pretty cute.

We also saw my mom, my mom’s best friend, and my mom’s god daughter a little past that!  I was glad they all came out to cheer.

We stepped it up that last mile, so I could come in under my goal!

I sprinted the last .1 mile, and that was a 10 minute mile pace.

My clock time was 2:28!  A full 1 minute and 48 second PR!

I was pretty excited about that.

We got a cute medal too!

My dad, Jacob, and I walked the mile back to our hotel.

This entry is already massive, so I’m going to wait until tomorrow to post about the rest of the day!

Today, my knee feels okay.  It hurts a little.  My calf muscle is REALLY stiff.

I’m proud of PRing at the 5k, 10k, and the half mark!  I have two 5ks in November.  I’m doing one with some WW board friends.  I think we are also doing a 5k on Thanksgiving!  I imagine most of my family and Jacob will do that one.  Hopefully I can set a PR there!


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4 Responses to Race Recap: St. Louis Half Marathon

  1. Angus Fala says:

    My companion human says your last 1/10 mile was sub 9 minute mile.

    Next time you to to the Lou, you have to take me!

    Your brofur,

  2. Beth says:

    Congrats!!!!!! That’s awesome that you got a PR, too! Amazing!

  3. Racks says:

    Did you see any weddings while running through forest park? that would have made the run awesome!

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