Whole Foods

Hello!  I’m watching Criminal Minds while blogging.   I was doing some GRE prep earlier.  I’m taking the GRE in 10 days.  I took an online class for a month, and now I’m doing some of the other work!  I hope it will pay off.


My food today featured some of my Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s purchases.  I don’t have any Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods in Springfield.

I really wanted to eat this at breakfast, so I built my breakfast around it.

I love TJ’s Pumpkin Butter.

I decided to top some oatbran with it.

The flavor was great in the Oat bran.  It added the right amount of sweetness to the bowl.

I didn’t come home for lunch, so I took a picture of all the the ingredients I used.  I made a sandwich with this.

I love the Red Pepper Hummus.  I haven’t found a good Red Pepper Hummus here!  I should make my own.

I like being able to go home because I eat a fair amount of food during the day!  It is annoying to bring it all.

Afternoon snack was this.

It was great!  I loved the flavor.  I was afraid because it said fruit on the bottom, which I don’t usually like, but it was good.

Dinner was this.

It didn’t look very pretty, so I just used this picture.

I also had a salad.

I shredded this cheese to put on top of it.

Picture of salad.

Also topped with Pom Arils. Delicious!  I love full fat cheese.  I forget that sometimes.

Have you ever made your own hummus? It seems fairly easy, and it would be fun to play with the flavors.


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One Response to Whole Foods

  1. rc1001 says:

    Never made my own hummus. The idea scares me for some reason. My favorite brand is Sabra. Mmmmhhh

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