Flashback Friday

Hi all!  Today is another Flashback Friday!


Not a lot of pictures of my food today.  So, I’m going to post cat pictures instead.

Breakfast today was the exact same as yesterday.  Pomegranate and passion fruit Siggi’s with pom seeds.  Also, a pumpkin butter and waffle sandwich.

My cat Phantom sleeping on the couch.  He is doing it now, and I think he is having kitty dreams.  He keeps meowing.

Lunch!  I wanted a little bit of everything for lunch today.  I had grilled cheese on the mind when I went home for lunch.

Grilled cheese, roasted red pepper hummus, pretzel crisps, and a salad!  It was just what I wanted.

Dinner was Chipotle.  I had a bowl with rice, black beans, veggies, corn salsa, and lettuce.

This is Jacob’s cat Juno.  She is adorable.  She has a great window to look out of.

No workout today because I was at work late.

Flashback Friday

Each Friday, I will be featuring Old School songs that are excellent running tracks.  I will offer my commentary on the songs!

Harry Potter 7 Part 1 comes out one week from today.  I will be going at midnight with my friends!  I wanted a song related to Harry Potter for me this week.

Now, you are probably thinking, what the HELL does Avril Lavigne have to do with Harry Potter?

This song came out the same summer as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Movie AND Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I actually really dislike the message/video for this song.  I think Avril in the video is just bitchy to the other Avril.  I also don’t like the idea of actively pursuing someone who has a girlfriend.  I mean, it is pretty shady.  And by pretty shady, I mean really shady.  Who does that?  I mean, and in the video, they seem like they are pretty happy until dark haired Avril comes into the picture (speaking of which, I don’t think Avril looks good with black hair!).   I also don’t like how the dark haired Avril is mean to is nerdy.

I probably don’t like that because I’m nerdy.

However, the tune is pretty darn catchy.  I love the line I’m the MotherF*ckin Princess.  It cracks me up.

Also, this song reminds me of spending time with my friends, getting pumped for HP!

I’m going to see the movie with these girls.

We used our graduation robes to be the wizaring band, the Weird Sisters.

We rocked out to Girlfriend a ton of times while driving to the movie, getting the book, and afterwards.

While deciding the song for today, I was texting my friend Steph (the girl in the middle in the above picture).  When I left work, Girlfriend was on the radio.  I took it as a sign.

Here is me with my book!

Are you pumped for Harry Potter?

What old school songs do you like?


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One Response to Flashback Friday

  1. Racks says:

    I am the mother F*ckin Princess. Remember when we found out she was drunk when writing this song?

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