Pumpkin Soup

Hi all!  Sorry for not updating last night.  I ended up getting home on the late side.


I waited to leave my parent’s house last night until after dinner, so I didn’t go grocery shopping yesterday.  Slim pickings for meals today as a result!

I started with a yogurt mess.  I ate Siggi’s Vanilla with Kashi Go Lean.

The vanilla has vanilla beans in it!  It is delicious.  It seems even thicker out of the container.

Lunch was Subway.  No picture!

I went grocery shopping after work.  I was going to try and use a recipe from a cookbook, but when I saw this pumpkin soup recipe at (never home) maker I had to try it!  It was ingredients I already had or would use again, so that was perfect.

I also had some vegetable broth that was going to go bad after today.

I used more broth and corn than Ashley, but otherwise it is the same!

It all works very well together!  It seems odd, but it was delicious.

I paired it with grilled cheese and roasted cauliflower!


Yesterday, I ran 7 miles in 1 hour 20 minutes with my dad!

My knee bothered me on my run again.  It is odd, it will bother me on long runs at mile 2, but on short runs (5 miles or less) it doesn’t bother me.

Are you a soup fan? Do you have any favorite recipes?



About Anna S.

History Major. Runner. 20 something. Arts Education Manager. New Okie.
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