HP 7 Tonight!

I’m quickly updating now because I won’t get a chance later!  I’m going to my friend’s place to see HP 7 Part 1 at midnight!!!  I’m so excited.


I ate a Siggi’s and two Van’s waffles for breakfast.  I love Van’s waffles, but the grocery store I usually go to only has the Gluten Free version.  I haven’t been brave enough to try it.

I was all set to eat leftover pizza puffs for lunch, but we went out to lunch for a co-workers birthday!

We went to Cafe Moxo’s. It was delicious!  I didn’t take pictures because I was with co-workers and felt odd, but I had a salad with strawberries, gorgonzola, and a strawberry vinigraitte dressing as well as half a grilled cheese with sharp cheddar and brie cheese!  If you ever happen to be in Springfield, il, I recommend this!  If you also ever happen to be in Springfield, Il let me know.

I also bought a gingerbread cupcake, and I’m saving that for dessert!

Dinner tonight is with my friends before Harry Potter.

Check out Fiona’s really awesome giveaway! She is giving away a neat snack back called a graze from England!

Do your co-workers know about your blog?  Do you take pictures while with friends or family out to eat? My family and friends all know about the blog, but not all of my co-workers do!



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3 Responses to HP 7 Tonight!

  1. cbrady3 says:

    1. want to try that vanilla Siggi’s. I’m obsessed with vanilla flavored things.
    2. SO JEALOUS you are seeing HP tonight!
    3. My co-workers don’t know, I’m too scared to tell them! But I DO take pictures if I’m with my family at restaurants, as long as it’s not innapropriate or disturbing

  2. Lisa says:

    I ate Van’s GF last spring basically every morning. The buckwheat are awesome with added blueberries and maple syrup. Of course, I lived in Brittany and so I have a real taste for buckwheat. But anyway, the fact that they’re GF is just fine! 🙂

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