Flashback Friday: Harry Potter edition

Hi all!  Today is Flashback Friday!

I didn’t take any pictures of my food today.  Yesterday we ate at this neat place called Jillian’s.  It was a sports bar/grill that had arcade games!!  It was kind of like Chuck E Cheese for adults!

I thought Harry Potter was really good.  Probably my favorite movie so far.  The book was better, but it was good!  Such a downer movie however.

I took the day off so I slept until noon!  Nice, since we were back at my friends house at 3 AM.  I ate out with my friend at a place called McAlisters.  I ate half a salad with broccoli cheddar soup!

Tonight I had Thai food!

I’m running a 5k tomorrow with Meagan and Becky!  I met them on the WW boards.  This is also my first Springfield race.

Flashback Friday

Each Friday, I will be featuring Old School songs that are excellent running tracks.  I will offer my commentary on the songs!

Today is a Harry Potter themed one.  This song/video is hilarious.  You really should watch it.

I think I should use this for pacing tomorrow during my 5k.

Voldemort Voldemort oh Voldy Voldy Voldy Voldemort.

Will you be going to see Harry Potter? I’m trying to figure out when I want to go again!  I know I’m going on Thanksgiving with my cousin.


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One Response to Flashback Friday: Harry Potter edition

  1. Hehehee! I had planned on posting that video on my blog before seeing HP… but excitement got the better of me and I didn’t have time! Snape Harry Snape Harry Snape Harry- DUMBLEDORE! 😆
    I really want to see it again but everyone says seeing it twice in 48 hrs is excessive… 🙄
    I hope the 5k went well and that your week is off to a great start! xxx

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