Jingle Bell Run 5k

Hi all!   My college roommate was in town, so I didn’t blog this weekend!  Sorry for the lack of posting!  We were having fun.  We saw Unstoppable, which I enjoyed.  It wasn’t as good as Harry Potter of course.

Backtracking to Saturday however I started the morning with a 5k.

This is the fourth 5k I’ve run post high school, but two of those was an entire family 5k!  I ran with my cousin for those.

Becky, Meagan, and I were under the impression the race started at 8 AM.  The website we registered at said 8 AM when we signed up.  We signed up about 5 weeks apart from each other.  I work saturdays, so I had to take time off to run the race.  8 am was an ideal time for that! I could run, but still get back by 10:30.

We met up at 7 AM to drive together.  We arrived at the start line at around 7:30.  There was like 5 cars in the parking lot.  We thought that was odd since the race was relatively big for the area.

We walked in, and we just received a curt “Oh you think the race is at 8 don’t you…”  Blank stares from us.  “Um…one of the websites was wrong for a SMALL amount of time…It doesn’t actually start until 10.”  They didn’t apologize to us.  They didn’t offer to let us check in.

For me, this left a bad taste in my mouth for the whole race.  Now we had two hours to kill in the middle of nowhere in Springfield.

Luckily, Becky was nice enough to let us go back to her place.  We hung out there for a while chatting and playing with her adorable cat and dog.

Unfortunately Meagan had to go back to St. Louis, so we didn’t get to participate in the race.

Becky and I made it back right in time for the start.  We checked in, and we didn’t have time to run our shirts back to the car, so we tied our shirts around our waist.

Becky and I decided to run the race together.  We both had a goal of running it around 32 minutes so it was perfect!  This was actually the first race I also ran with an iPod, so it was different.

We started out at a good pace.  I told Becky I had the tendency of going out too quickly, so it was great to have her to pace with.

We passed the first mile marker at around 10:19 which was perfect for our pace!  Right after the first mile marker, I saw a deer run across the course!  It was really cool.  That is the good thing about a race in the middle of the country.

At 1.5 we hit the turn around.  I find 5k difficult because you can’t make up time!  If I start to slwo down in a longer race, I feel like I can make up the difference.  That really isn’t the case with 5ks.  They are just tough too!

It was nice to hit 1.5 and know I was half way done though!  It wasn’t like oh 2 miles in 11 more to go!

We finished strong at 32:25!  That is both our best 5k time!  It was exciting to PR with someone who was also PR!  Also it is great to know someone in Springfield runs the same pace as me!  I imagine we will run more often!

The worst part about the mix up in times was I started getting hungry!  I ate my pre race powerbar at 6:30!!  By 10:40 when we were done I was starving.

It was fun, but the mix up in time was kind of irritating.  I feel like they should have sent out an email clarifying the time.  I received four emails from the run, but none of them said the time.

Have you ever run a 5k that wasn’t well organized?

I feel like this race was well organized, but the mix up in time was just so irritating.

I’m running another 5k on Thanksgiving!


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4 Responses to Jingle Bell Run 5k

  1. Becky says:

    The race was fun even though they were jerks! I am so glad that we run at close to the same pace. I would love to do more runs!! I want to try and do longer distances even if that means “slowing down” a bit so that I can achieve that. Next time you want to do a four miler or something and we’re both off work – let me know! ☺ We can try that Lost Bridge Trail out on the North side of town.

    • Anna S. says:

      It was fun even if they were jerks!! It was a pretty course, and the rest of it was well run!

      I had a good time running with you. And I agree about running together! I figure Sundays would work best for both of us? I’m gone this one, and the next one is the Frostbite series race (Which you should totally do the 2 miler for!)

      I run slower the longer I run. I hope I can still get faster with long distances though! Especially for my marathon.

  2. Julia says:

    That’s awful! I really dislike races that are put on by people who clearly AREN’T runners-they tend to be the most poorly organized. I have to say, I’ve been to a few of those-and volunteered at many as well. It’s never any fun.

    I’m glad you guys stuck around and trucked it out!

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