New Weight Watchers Plan

Hi all!

Weight Watchers Plan

If you aren’t a member of Weight Watchers, you probably don’t know a new plan was announced today!

The new plan incorporates protein, carbs, fiber, and fat.  No calories!

I think it looks really interesting.  I’m still a Weight Watchers member.   I haven’t really been tracking lately.  I use WW more for portion control.  I’m not the best at eating healthy without a little bit of a guideline.  I think WW is a great starting out program for eating healthy, and I think this makes it even more focused on eating healthy and not just eating less!  I also get more points.  I think it focuses more on eating cleanly.

Anyway, I’m still excited.


I’m starting to think about what I need/want to put on my holiday list for my family!  I think I need a new computer.  Mine has been acting iffy lately.  What sort of computer do you have?  Do you like it?

Right now, I have a Sony Vaio.  I have been really happy with it!  I think it is just getting older.

My mom wants a bread machine.  I don’t know anything about bread machines, so I will be doing some research.

My dad reads my blog, so I won’t post about what I’m planning on getting him.  Although I think he already knows.

I’m stumped on what to get Jacob for the holidays.


What is on your gift list?


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