Race Recap: Turkey Trot

Hi all!

I hope everyone had a great day.  Today was my Monday.  It was fine besides a mass amount of emails to catch up on.

I ran a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  It was a 3 mile race on Thanksgiving morning,  My dad, uncle, and Jacob ran it as well.  We left for Wisconsin about an hour and a half after the race.

The Jingle Bell Run was better organized than this race IMO.  AND This one was organized by runners.  It was super crowded.

The race was at 9, so we left at 8 from my house.  I didn’t wake up until 7:30!  I kept hitting snooze.  30 minutes was plenty of time to get ready, but I probably should have eaten earlier.

I scarfed a Power Bar in the car.  In my rush to leave my place on Wednesday, I forgot to bring any Power Bars.  I only had an old Power Bar.  Peanut butter flavor.  Yuck.  I like the chocolate flavors.

I also managed to get some napkin on it.  I figured extra fiber right?

The race was only about 15 minutes away, so once we got there we drove the course.  I’m really glad we did!  I ran this race in 2007, but forgot that there was a hill in mile 2 that had terrible ground on it, and it was also a surprise double hill!  It seemed like the uphill was over, but it wasn’t!  I’m glad I knew, otherwise it would have pissed me off.

My dad had picked up our packets before, so we were able to walk right up.  I waited in a line for a portapotty.

Jacob separated to warm up, and my dad and I hopped in the corralls.  There wasn’t really an organization to the start.  We started WAY too far back.  This race has gotten really popular, and it really is too large for the space.

The gun went off.  We had a timing chip, but there was no mat at the START!  What is the point of a timing chip if it is just going to go by gun time!  It took us at least 30 seconds to start.  Grr.  That made me mad.

As I mentioned before, this race was crowded.  It was a little too crowded for the small town roads.

Also, there were NOT signs saying not to park on the course.  So there were cars all over the course!  Most of the race we were reduced to just the little middle portion.  It was crazy.  They really need to stop cars from parking on the course.

Mile 1 was pretty slow.  It was about 11:30 or so.  Not that slow for my half marathon time, but slow for the 5k.

We picked up the pace from miles 1-2.  We were less crowded, and there was no hill.  We tried to make up the time.

Mile 2-3 there was an atrocious hill.  The downhill was on gravel.  And really nasty gravel.  You really couldn’t get any speed because the terrain was so bad.

Next came the uphill.  Like I said it was a surprise double hill.  It was uphill, thought it was over, and then it wasn’t!

I didn’t walk up the hill which I was proud of!  I’m glad I knew about the hill.  It was okay.  We didn’t slow down that much.

This was only a 3 mile race so we were close to the end after the hill.  We could see the finish line, but then they had us turn!  I knew there was the turn otherwise I might would have sprinted.  That was kind of annoying.

We finished in 31:20.  I beat my time from the last time I did this race by a full minute!

Honestly, I’m never going to do this race again.  I would rather run 3 miles not in a race and buy a hat (what we got from the race).  I really do love races, but this was just TOO CROWDED to be fun.  I would totally do the Jingle Bell Run in Springfield again.  This, not so much.

Maybe I just have bad luck with 5ks?  I’m sure I’ll still do them!  Especially if Becky does any!

But this one…not so much.

Did you do a race on Thanksgiving?


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3 Responses to Race Recap: Turkey Trot

  1. I did a 5k on Thanksgiving as well, and it was pretty disorganized too. A bunch of walkers lined up at the front, as did people pushing strollers! Unbelievable. Great work on your part despite the obstacles.

    • Anna S. says:

      It seems like Turkey Trots are really popular. I guess a lot of first time runners seem to do them!

      I think that is great that they are doing races, but it can lead to an annoying race experience.

      I like the idea of running before Thanksgiving, but in practice eh not so much.

      Sorry your race was crowded!! I think all races need signs for like how quickly you plan on running.

      • I’m still glad I did it – I don’t do many road races, so it was cool. I was thinking the same thing – they should have signs at the start for like 7 minute mile pace, 8 minute mile pace…walkers…stroller pushers…folks planning on taking more than an hour…

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