December Goals

Happy First Night of Hanukkah!  I’ve been alternating listening to the Hanukkah and Christmas Pandora Stations tonight.  I’ll probably be sick of holiday music tomorrow.

Inspired by Beth and Bebe, I decided to set some December Goals.  Why wait to the New Year’s to set goals?  I’m going to get a head start!

But first!


I started out my morning with a favorite.

Van’s Waffles.  I ate these with a little butter.  Yum.  I think I enjoy frozen waffles far too much for my own good.

I didn’t go to the grocery store until after work, so lunch was some freezer goodies.

Morningstar Farm Buffalo “chicken,” frozen broccoli and a laughing cow blue cheese.  I’m not the biggest fan of frozen broccoli.  Part of that is because I don’t have a working microwave, so I had to boil it.  Honestly, frozen is great in a pinch, but I’d rather have fresh!

I headed to the grocery store right after work.  I ate a quick snack before going in.  Even though I was hungry, I managed to stay within my budget.  However, I did not stick to my list.  I bought everything on my list, but I also bought more treats than usual.  Oh well!  I’ll enjoy them all.

Earlier today, I discussed with my co-worker what happens when I cook fresh fish.  I don’t do it a lot because it is kind of expensive.  I also like to eat what I feel like, but I don’t like to waste fish. If I do eat it at home, it is usually from frozen.  Frozen does not excite my cats as much as fresh!  Today, I decided to buy a fillet of salmon and cook with it!

While I was prepping it, my cats were acting like they hadn’t eaten in DAYS.  They were ridiculous.  I didn’t get any pictures of the cooking process because I was too busy fending them off.  I locked them up, which they also didn’t like.

I made Julie’s Honey-Soy Glazed Salmon.

I made 8 oz, and that was only 4. I have leftovers for tomorrow!  It was delicious.  AND My cats were not nearly as interested in it after it was cooked.

I also had a side of Wild Rice Soup.

My co-worker made this, and she brought some in for me to try!  It was good.  I really should buy some wild rice!


I took a long lunch today and ran 5 miles on my break.


I want to start the new year off right by already having some goals!  Most of them are healthy living related.

  • Try two new recipes per week. I tend to eat the same things over and over again.  I’m a fairly decent cook, so I want to try two recipes once a week.  They can be really simple, but I can do it!  I’m counting the salmon as one of those recipes.
  • Try a new fruit or veggie once a week. I also tend to eat the same fruits and veggies every day.  I want to step out of my comfort zone.  I’m going to include trying things I previously didn’t like as well!
  • Blog 6x a week. I was doing good about this before the holidays.  I want to blog regularly even during the holidays!
  • Take the GRE.  I’m signed up for the GRE on Dec. 13th.  I want to take it, and complete at least 14 more hours of prep work between now and then.
  • Exercise 5x a week. I have a race on Sunday, and I’m probably going to take the week off of running between my race and the GRE.  However, I can still wake up 30 minutes early and do an exercise.

So those are my December goals!  My new recipe goal was inspired by Bebe!  I think I can do it.  I have another recipe planned for tomorrow night.  I just have to suck it up and plan meals.

Do you make monthly goals? I think I’m going to start making monthly goals instead of a goal at the New Year!


About Anna S.

History Major. Runner. 20 something. Arts Education Manager. New Okie.
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2 Responses to December Goals

  1. I hope you reach all your goals. I hope you rock them out. Ashlee and I try our best to have a balanced life style some days we make it and some days we don’t. But we have to keep trying.
    p.S good luck at your race and the GRE

    • Anna S. says:

      Thank you! I think just trying is important. If I don’t try, there is no hope I’ll be healthy at all.

      I read your marathon recap! Congrats. What an awesome accomplishment. Also your twins are adorable.

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