Flashback Friday

Hi all!

Today is Flashback Friday!  I didn’t take pictures of my food today (mainly because it was boring) so I’ll jump right into it!

Flashback Friday

I’ve been listening to my Showtunes Pandora station lately!

Disney music pops up quite often on it!

This song came on yesterday, and I think it is perfect for working out.

I’ll Make a Man out of You–Mulan.

This song is so catchy.  I love the beat.  Yeah, the song is probably sexist, but that is the whole point of the movie at this point.  Right?  Right.

Plus, it is catchy!

And this guy is the singing voice.


I don’t know if Donny Osmond singing the song gives it a plus or a minus in your opinion.  It is a minus for me, but I still like the song.

I saw Donny Osmond in concert once.  My dad bought tickets for my mom for something.  I brought my friend Sarah.  My mom says my dad and I had the same look of horror when my mom spotted Donny outside his tour bus before the concert.

The women in front of us during the show were screaming like pre-teens at a Justin Bieber concert.  It was one of the oddest experiences of my life.

(I’m sorry to all the Donny Osmond fans who googled his name and found my blog).

I still like the song.  And Mulan.  I think I’m going to watch it now.  But not for Donny.




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