Bob Harper Inside Out Method


I tried a new workout dvd today.  Stay tuned for a review.


No pictures of food from today.

Breakfast was waffles with fruit as usual.

Lunch was at this restaurant down the street from the museum at work at.  It is this Mediterranean buffet, and the owner is a vegetarian so apparently it always has vegetarian friendly food.  I met a friend who works in the same building as the restaurant there for lunch.  I like going out for lunch.  It breaks up the work day.

After work I did laundry.  Twix likes to play near the clothes I’m hanging dry.


After the Biggest Loser finale, I was inspired to do a strength training DVD.

I bought Bob’s workout DVD in August.  I hadn’t gotten around to trying it until tonight!


Confession: I love Bob.  He is my favorite trainer on BL.  I do love Jillian.  But Bob is vegan!  And awesome.  and vegan.  And 45 but he totally doesn’t look it.

Alright, now that that is out of my system.

I liked this DVD.  It has two different workouts.  An hour like workout, and a 20 minute “beginner” workout.  I went with the 20 minute workout today because I wasn’t sure I could focus for an entire hour.

It focused on arms for a good amount of the workout (I would say 8 minutes of the 20).  I liked that.  I don’t do anything with my arms, which is pretty obvious when I try to do arm strength training for more than 30 seconds.

I feel like Bob’s style is a lot more laid back than any of the Jillian dvds, and I liked that.  He just seemed more relaxed.  And not as upbeat as many other workout dvds.

Overall, I think it was a good workout for 20 minutes.  I can’t wait to try the hour long.  If you like Bob or Jillian, I think it was worth it.  My copy was only $10.

Do you lose focus while working out? I find myself not paying attention and thinking oh man, need to focus.  I think this is why running works for me.  I can zone out!



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