Puppets and Gifts

Hi all.  My college roommate is coming into town tonight, so this post is a little earlier than usual.


I bought an artichoke at the grocery store as part of my try something new each week goal in December.  I’ve eaten artichokes before, but it has always scared me to cook them.

Ashley posted a tutorial for roasting artichokes a few weeks ago, and I followed that.

I only made it for one.  I also used 2 tsp of oil instead of a full tablespoon.

My artichoke was really small, so I don’t think it needed the full hour and 20 minutes.  It was still delicious.

Close up.

I also ate cheese and crackers.  I love having nice sharp cheddar cheese to slice.

This morning I ate a yogurt bowl.

So dull.

Tonight, I have to run some errands before Beth gets into town.  She is driving up right after her last law school final.  I imagine lots of eating out will be involved.

We also have to go shopping.  I need an outfit for New Year’s Eve.  Also I need to do some Christmas shopping.  So far, I’ve only bought a gift for my dad!  So bad.  I know what I’m buying my mom though.

I need to buy something for my 14 year old cousin.  She is really afraid of puppets, so I’m thinking Sesame Street on dvd.  Seriously, who is afraid of puppets??

I bought her Labyrinth last year because she likes David Bowie (forgetting her puppet fear).  I don’t think she could watch it because of the puppets.

Maybe I’ll get her Puppetmaster or something with a really horrifying puppet.  I’m a mean person.

I also need to buy some small gifts for co-workers, and I am at such a loss on what to get them!

What small gifts do you buy co-workers? One of my co-workers is taking her break starting tomorrow, so I have to buy something tonight.  Ugh.


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