Flashback Friday

Hi!  Today is another installment of Flashback Friday.


I made a pretty impressive salad for lunch yesterday.

The star of it was these almonds.

The flavor was delicious, and they added a nice crunch.

All together.

I also ate cheese and crackers.  I can not eat just salad.  I don’t know why.

Snack was these cookies made my a co-worker.

They are mint chocolate chip!  Delicious.  They made a great snack.

Breakfast this morning consisted of zucchini bread made by the same co-worker.


Flashback Friday

Each Friday, I will be featuring Old School songs that are excellent running tracks.  I will offer my commentary on the songs!

Mark Wahlberg has a new movie coming out today.  The Fighter. I want to see it.  I think it looks good!  Mark Wahlberg has even been nominated for a Golden Globe for the movie.

Before Mark Wahlberg was doing “serious” movie roles, he was in movies like Planet of the Apes (which I loved almost 10 years ago when it came out FYI.  I haven’t watched it since).

Even before Planet of the Apes however, he was a rapper.  Known from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

Nowadays, Marky Mark gets angry when you reference his Marky Mark past.  But you can’t escape Youtube, Marky Mark.  Or Glee, who sang this song on an episode.

And seriously, were shirts not invented until the mid 90s?  The amount of shirtless men in Marky Mark videos is unbelievable.  And yes, I watched more than one Marky Mark video.  All for you.

I do like this song though.  It is catchy, plus they did it on Glee!

Just don’t call him Marky Mark.


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One Response to Flashback Friday

  1. cbrady3 says:

    mmm I love fruit on salads! And I could never just eat a salad either. Where’s the substance? The CARBS!

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