Winter Movie Line Up

Hello all!  I hope you all had a great Monday.

I spent most of the day shopping for presents and other fun things.  I also (finally) signed up for a gym.  I’m setting my alarm for early in the morning to hopefully work out before work.

I made this Coconut Curry Quinoa recipe from Angela.  I followed the recipe pretty closely.  I didn’t use flour because I have yet to be successful in using flour to thicken up sauces.

I enjoyed it out of this bowl (which I painted over Thanksgiving).

It was great!  I think I would use less curry powder and more coconut milk next time, but overall I enjoyed it.  I love quinoa.  One of my friends thinks quinoa tastes like dirt, but I like it!  I think this would be good over tofu and brown rice as well.

Winter Movies

Soon, my favorite season, award show season, will kick off!  Golden globe and SAG nominees have recently been announced.  I was President of a Movie Group in college, and I still love seeing movies.  I decided to start posting more about movies on the blog!  I also see a lot of movies in theaters.  In my hometown, it was one of the few things to do, so in middle/high school we went all the time.  For me, personally, seeing movies in the theater is worth it.  I love the atmosphere of a movie theater.  Plus, if I want to see the movie, I’m impatient.

For now, here are my thoughts (either having already seen the movie or in anticipation) for a few of the winter movies!  I’ll post more thoughts as movies are closer to coming out or as I see them!

Movies I’ve Seen

The Tourist starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

I saw this movie on Thursday night.  It was nominated for Best Picture (Comedy) and Angelina and Johnny were both nominated for best actor (also comedy) for Golden Globes.  My first thought when I saw that was…this is a comedy?  It looks like a drama from the previews.

It is more of a comedy than a drama.  I would categorize it as a dramady.  It had funny moments.  It was nice to see Johnny as a character other than Jack Sparrow.  He is a fantastic actor.  Angelina just seemed kind of awkward throughout.  I liked it fine, but I don’t think it is necessary to see it in the theater.  My roommate loved it.  I think if I had thought it was a drama, I would have been very disappointed.

Tangled starring Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi

Honestly, I had no desire to see this movie after the first preview.  The second preview I was more interesting.  It looked like a different re-telling of Rapunzel AND the female character looked like she could hold her own.  Plus, my roommate wanted to see it, and she really doesn’t care about movies that often.  (and I love seeing movies in theaters).  It was cute.  I liked it a heck of a lot more than I thought I would.  If you need a kid-friendly movie to see over the holiday, I would go for this one!  At the very least, it looks a hell of a lot better than Yogi Bear.

Tron: Legacy starring Jeff Bridges (both as he looks now AND as a reverse-aged 1982 Jeff Bridges), Garrett Hedlund, and Olivia Wilde

First off (in interest of full-disclosure), I’m a big fan of the original Tron from 1982.  (I’ve also been to four Star Wars conventions, can kick-ass at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, and had a Batman birthday party when I was 2, so I’ve always been a geek).  Big fan of Tron.  When I first heard about this sequel, I was SUPER excited.  A sequel to one of my favorite cult classics when awesome special effects!  Count me in.  I was even excited when I saw the first teaser trailer.  Then I saw trailer after trailer, and I was afraid it was going to be lame.  And stupid.  With a crappy plot line.  Perhaps relying too much on special effects.

I still had to see it opening weekend.  Honestly, visually, it was stunning.  The reverse-aging of Jeff Bridges was amazing.  And kind of creepy (Also distracting in the Am I really thinking Jeff Bridges is a bit of fox? the entire time.)  I think it absolutely deserves special-effect oscars.  However, overall I felt a bit “meh” about the movie.  Awesome special effects and a score by Daft Punk does not make up for a overly-convulted plotline.  However, this movie is vastly improved by the big screen.  It looks fantastic.  If you are a Tron fan, seriously comment because I know one Tron fan.   Also, if you are interested in it, I think it is worth seeing it on the big screen.

Movies I’m Looking Forward Too.

Black Swan

This movie has been getting a lot of buzz.  A few of my former club members have seen it and thought it was fantastic.  I want to see it as soon as it comes (it isn’t playing in Springfield yet).  But, this isn’t Step Up or Dirty Dancing.  Not your typical dance movie.

127 Hours

This movie looks fantastic.  Intense, but amazing.  James Franco can do anything.  Including being on General Hospital AND getting nominated for acting awards for this movie in the same year.

The Fighter

I love Marky Mark and Amy Adams.

Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin, Matt Damon and the Coen Brothers all part of the same film?  And it is a “Oh you did it now you gonna get it movie!”  Yes, please.  I think we are seeing this on Christmas Day.

This is getting freakishly long!  Just know this is not the only movies I’m looking forward to!  I predict a lot of movie theater time in my future.

Are you looking forward to any movies this winter?

There are also a lot of movies I am NOT looking forward too.  Or I’m only looking forward to them coming out so I can stop seeing previews (I’m looking at YOU Yogi Bear/Gulliver’s Travels).



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6 Responses to Winter Movie Line Up

  1. I want to see 127 Hours, but I don’t really want to see someone cut his arm off 😦 I’m so squeamish!

    • Anna S. says:

      I know what you mean! I’m pretty squeamish when it comes to horror movies, but I think this will be a little different. At the very least I don’t mind looking away for that part!

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  3. Racks says:

    I think you should have mentioned that Tron was way better because you came to Peoria to see it with me and sarah….I need to be mentioned more in your blog lol (just because of how awesome I am)

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