Cookie Baking

Hi all!

My parents’ surprised me with an ipad for Christmas! I’m blogging from it now! I’m excited to be able to at least draft entries from the word press app.

On Friday, my cousin came over to make cookies for our family dinner.

After watching Top Chef, We thought about making our cooking more competition like, but we just weren’t good enough.

We bought dinosaur cookie cutters a few months ago, and we decided to utilize those shapes!

We made both sugar and gingerbread cookies (from a mix not from scratch).

Gingerbread stegosaurus.

We rolled out the first batch of sugar cookies too thin.  They were really crispy, which I wasn’t a fan of.  Other people in my family liked them though!

The cookies also expanded a lot in the oven!  The first batch was also too close together.

It was okay though.  The bad cookies were still put to good use.

We finally got it right after the second try.


T-rex gingerbread.

We also made Diana’s doughballs!

I used mint extract instead of vanilla extract to make it mint chocolate chip.  We also added red food coloring, but they just looked pink.

They were delicious!!  I loved the mint flavor.

It was good hanging with my cousin too!  I’m glad we made one type of cookie from scratch.  It still took us 3 hours!

After, we watched Chopped.  We basically had Food Network/Top Chef’s marathons all weekend!

Have you made any new kinds of desserts?


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