More Strength Training

This week is crazy at work!  I’m watching Top Chef while drinking some Sugar Cookie Sleigh Rides.


I am having issues getting my pictures to my computer, so no pictures of food today!

I had pumpkin cream cheese (I’m almost out!) on an english muffin.  Part way in the morning I had oatmeal.

Leftovers for lunch!

I made a batch of Coconut Curry Quinoa for dinner.  This time I added chopped carrots to the sauce while it was simmering.  I also paired it with roasted green beans.

I’ve never roasted green beans before!  I don’t know why.  They were delicious.  Roasting really brought out the sweetness.

I also used this fun new purchase while prepping dinner.

I was drawn by the Food Network a little.  I love the Food Network.

I bought them at Kohl’s as part of a buy one get one half off.

They were really handy!  I liked all of the different sizes, so I don’t have to move things with measure cups.  I also don’t have to have my clunky bowls out.  I only have four bowls to begin with, so sometimes trying to get ingredients out were a pain.  They are also very compact and make for easy storage in my tiny kitchen!  (I might like them a little too much).  Thanks Food Network for not letting me down!


As part of a resolution to strength train more, I decided to do a work out DVD!  I plan on doing more weight room strength training, but I also like doing “strength training” workout DVDs, for non-running days.

I tried this Jillian DVD on demand a few weeks ago with my college roommate.  I felt the burn for sure!  I didn’t get as sweaty as her other workout dvds, but I still liked it.  Sometimes not getting as sweaty is good.

It is hard to do some of the floor moves while I have interested cats weaving around my legs.  I still manage!  Some how.

Do you strength train?  How (weight room or other)?

The weight room intimidates me some!



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3 Responses to More Strength Training

  1. I love strength training – free weight area at my gym all the way!

  2. Becky says:

    I need new prep bowls! I’m jealous.

    I have a dog and a cat that like to try and “help” me when I do DVDs at home. They’re so helpful aren’t they?!

    As far as strength training: I need to do more. I don’t do enough. I know that my running would improve and my body would start to look even better if I did it – but it’s not something I have ‘fun’ doing. Sometimes at the gym I will use the weight machines after I have already done my 30-45 minutes of cardio.

    For DVDs, I enjoy the Shred and No More Trouble Zones. I even do the TBL Yoga with Bob Harper sometimes. My New Years resolution should have been do to weights more. LOL

    • Anna S. says:

      I agree about it not being fun! Last time I went to cardinal, I did a half-assed strength training for like a hot second. Haha. There were a lot of fit guys around, and it made me nervous.

      I have no more trouble zones but I havent tried it yet. I should!

      I also have two of Bob’s DVDs (strength and cardio burn). I love Jillian, but he is easier on the eyes.

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