Flashback Friday

I have an event at the museum I work at tomorrow, so it has been a couple of long work nights!


Here are some random eats from the last few days.  I went to Whole Foods (And Trader Joe’s!) over break, so I have some exciting things.  (I actually went to Whole Foods on New Year’s Day, that is how excited I was).

A new type of Van’s waffle!  This is the Belgium waffle.  It was thicker which I really liked.

I really should just get a waffle maker.  I eat them enough.

Lunch yesterday was leftovers.

Paired with roasted green beans.

Lunch today!

I was super busy at work this morning, so I didn’t eat a morning snack.

I snacked on some veggies and hummus while waiting for my lunch.

Lunch was….

I left my kitties with my parents between Christmas and New Year’s.  I figured there was no point driving them back from their house when I was going to be back so quickly!  My parents certainly had a full house of animals!

I’m glad to have my kitties back.  I think they missed me too.  (They have always met me at the door, but now they want even more attention in the morning/when I get home).

Last night I wasn’t feeling well, so I spent some quality time with my favorite boy.

And just so Twix doesn’t get jealous.

Yes, she climbed into the Christmas tree.


I ran 4 miles and did a little bit of strength training.  I think I need more focus in my strength training!

Flashback Friday

Each Friday, I will be featuring Old School songs that are excellent running tracks.  I will offer my commentary on the songs!

In honor of my already cat-centric post, I decided to feature a Cat song.

If you haven’t seen the movie Lady and the Tramp, go watch it right now.  I’ll wait.

It is one of my favorite movies.  We have a siamese cat.  She is totally spoiled like these cats. And I think totally acts like these cats.  I also think she thinks she is better than our “mutt” cats.

Twix always picks on her (our Siamese is 16 now).  Twix is such a bully.

This song always makes me smile, which I think is important in a running play list.  If I am going to be in pain/uncomfortable/bored while working out, I at least want some songs that make me laugh.

Do you have any pets?


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One Response to Flashback Friday

  1. Becky says:

    I used to watch Lady and the Tramp CONSTANTLY as a little girl. 😀

    The Disney songs I have on my playlist right now are from The Princess and the Frog. That New Orleans style music is so incredibly fun and motivating!

    And you know my pets! Caesar and Rhea.

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