Grad School and Field Roast

I’m currently working on my personal statement for grad school applications.  My one application is 150 words over.  My friend suggested I title it “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History: (nor do we follow word count guidelines): One girl’s plea for admission.”  I love it.


I started the day with a usual breakfast.

Van’s waffles with a little butter.

I used leftovers from last night’s salmon for lunch.

I topped a bed of spinach with the piece of leftover salmon, mushrooms, blue cheese, and almonds.

It was really filling.  I love cold salmon on salads.

Dinner involved something different.

I scrambled half of a “sausage” with two eggs.  Paired with parsnip fries.  The picture was really hideous though.  I really liked the flavor of the Field Roast.  I haven’t had real sausage in over 12 years, so I can’t compare how it tastes to real sausage.


I ran 3 miles in 34:40 at the gym.

Do you tend to write too much or too little during writing assignments?




About Anna S.

History Major. Runner. 20 something. Arts Education Manager. New Okie.
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