Back to Yoga

I finally went back to yoga at my yoga studio today.  It felt good.


I started my morning with a yogurt bowl.

My last Siggi’s yogurt, 1/4 cup oats, and a banana.  I’m going to Whole Foods this weekend, so I should get some more Siggi’s.

Lunch was a repeat of earlier this week.

Edamame, English muffin with brie and an apple, and a spinach salad.

I love the melty brie after it is in the oven for a bit.

My afternoon snack was a bar from Fi.

It was great.  Tasted like a fruit leather, but it had more staying power for sure.

After yoga, I picked up some Chipotle.

Vegetarian burrito bowl.


After work, I finally decided to go to my yoga studio.  I haven’t been since my beginning yoga class ended in October.  On Thursdays, they have a class called A Step Beyond Beginning.  This class still had plenty of instruction which I really liked.  I went ahead and bought a 10 class card, so I plan on going pretty regularly again.  I do like how relaxed I feel afterwards.

Now I’m watching How to Train Your Dragon while drinking some Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea.  The movie is pretty adorable so far.  I keep getting sucked in.

Have you watched any cute movies lately?


About Anna S.

History Major. Runner. 20 something. Arts Education Manager. New Okie.
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