Flashback Friday: Bat Edition

Hi all!  I hope everyone is having an excellent Friday.  I took tomorrow off work (I’m going to be visiting friends) so it is a three day weekend for me.  Whoo hoo!

No pictures of food today.  I had to drop Phantom off at the vet last minute, so breakfast was at my desk.  It was instant oatmeal and super boring (with an apple later).  I left my camera at my desk for lunch.

Dinner was at a restaurant with my parents.  I know my mom would be fine with me taking pics of my food, but I doubt my dad would be!  (It was delicious pizza bread).

Now I’m chilling at home before hitting the road tomorrow.  Home is great because it means free laundry!

Valentine’s Day is in almost one week!  Do you need any last minute presents?

At work today I was looking at the Organization for Bat Conservation in Michigan (A super cool organization.   They have done some programs with our museum.  Bats are really cool).  The website has all sorts of neat bats you can sponsor. I think it would make a great Valentine’s Day present.  You could get a Vampire Bat for your Twilight obsessed beau.  Or a Vampire Bat for your beau who prefers more traditional vampire literature.  Vampire bats are adorable and tiny.  This isn’t a traditional present obvious, but you know the right person, it is awesome.  I plan on getting my cousin these earrings as a belated Birthday present.

I stumbled upon this bat.  His name is Gandolf, which is awesome.  I want to sponsor him.  In High School and Middle School, my friends and I were obsessed with Lord of the Rings.  I still love Lord of the Rings (the movies especially), but not to the same degree.

This song is totally on my running play list.

One of my favorite songs from the Fellowship of the Rings soundtrack.  The youth orchestra I was in in high school played a fellowship medley one year.  The French horns actually got an awesome part in it.  (At about 1 minute 21 seconds in the video).  So much fun.  I love big, brassy orchestral songs.  Brass instruments rock.

What type of music do you listen to?


About Anna S.

History Major. Runner. 20 something. Arts Education Manager. New Okie.
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3 Responses to Flashback Friday: Bat Edition

  1. Hmm. I swear I commented on this. I swear I got all excited about the prospect of getting a bat for V-day, and I congratulated you on your awesome taste – I still can’t get enough of the LOTR soundtracks.
    But apparently not. And now I’ve stopped by to see how you’re doing and you’re AWOL 😛
    Come back! 🙂

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