Marathon Training

Hello!  Once again I have gone almost a month without updating.  Doh.  Things are finally starting to calm down/even out at work though, so I won’t go that long again.

Marathon training has started to amp up.  I ran 13 miles with my dad last weekend and it was terrible.  We started too late and it got really hot.  I also didn’t fuel properly and it was just overall not good.  I ate too soon before the run, and I also didn’t consume any caffeine before hand.

Becky and I ran a 5k on Sunday.  It started at noon.  Who starts a 5k at noon?  It was free, and we got a bag, shirt, and medal out of it.  However it was hot and windy.  It was a struggle.  We finished in 34:30 which is much slower than we can do.

Becky wanted to run six miles this week, so she ran six of my 15 with me.  It was really nice.  I loved having someone for six of it.  I had been going all week thinking I was going to be completely on my own, so it was nice to have her.  She is planning on running 7 or 8 with me next Monday (I’ll have to do 16).

My 15 mile was a PDR for me.  I’ve only done 13.1 before.  I honestly felt good.  Around 11 to 13 was rough, and also the last .8, but overall it was good.  I chatted with Becky for the first six and then listened to the radio on my iPOd nano for the next.  I’m really glad to have Becky to run with.  It is nice.  Before motivational to have someone to get out with! We also went grocery shopping together and to a Weight Watchers meeting.

More pictures in my next posts!







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4 Responses to Marathon Training

  1. 15 miles is great! I’m sure that your training will continue well.

    I’m looking forward to reading and seeing more as you progress 🙂

  2. Becky says:

    Yes, you are an updating slacker! 😀
    Stop eating froyo and update your blog!

    Ok, totally kidding. Froyo is awesome.

    I am so happy for all of the PDR accomplishments you are making! I really am inspired by the distances you run and hope to be there (at least 13.1) myself. With the way I’m going, I think I can definitely make that happen!
    It’ll just be hard getting back in to running after my cruise. Although – I did make the plan to run at least once on the ship!

    You are awesome!!

  3. Becky says:

    Seriously…. it’s been TWO MONTHS since you’ve updated.

    *shakes head in disappointment*

    I expect an epic blog when you get back home…

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