A-Z Survey

I’m participating in Best Body Bootcamp, and the link love every day makes me miss blogging. Since I’m 2 months away from finishing the class portion of my grad program, I definitely won’t be updating regularly. But I thought I would post something.

I’m loving the Bootcamp workouts. Tina‘s workouts have been fantastic. I’ve been doing them at home because strength training at the gym still scares me. She has been awesome enough to offer changes to the circuit workouts in order to do them at home. She is thinking about doing another round of bootcamp without the prizes, and I would so sign up. It was only $25 for two months of workouts.

I’ve seen this survey floating around, and I want to do it. It even made me miss myspace if only for the terrible surveys that would constantly go around.

A is for age.   23. My birthday is May 31.

B is for breakfast today.   A Yocrunch greek yogurt parfait with toasted almonds. Also a bowl of mangos

C is for current craving.  Chocolate. Always chocolate

D is for dinner tonight.  I think we are going to a japanese place.

E is for favorite type of exercise.  Running. Specifically training for races/races.

F is for irrational fear.  Clowns. I hate them

G is for gross food.  I hate tomatoes.

H is for hometown. It depends on how you determine hometown. Mendota, Il is where I spent most of my time growing up.

I is for something important.  I should be working on a paper instead of filling this out. Does that count?

J is for current jam.  This depends on my mood.

K is for Kids.  No.

L is for current location.  Charleston, Il

M is for the most recent way you spent money.  Hunger Games tickets!! and popcorn/soda/candy there. Haha

N is for something you need.  Groceries

O is for occupation.  Grad student/graduate assistant

P is for pet peeve.  People who drive too slow in the fast lane on the interstate. Get over!!

Q is for quote. Since I just saw hunger games. May the odds be ever in your favor.

R is for random fact about you.  I am afraid I’m turned my cats crazy. Phantom will only eat when I’m in the room with him, and Twix will never eat when I’m in the room. Maybe they are just cat traits?

S is for favorite healthy snack.  I usually go with some sort of granola bar. I need snacks I can eat in class.

T is for favorite treat.  Any sort of dessert. I love anything involving smores.

U is for something that makes you unique.  I have two different colored eyes.

V is for favorite vegetable.  Definitely broccoli overall.

W is for today’s workout. Braden and I are going to a roller skating rink/place to play laser tag.

X is for x-rays you’ve had. Numerous chest x-rays. One wrist x-ray. Lots of teeth ones.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight.  Hunger Games at midnight! Also after work I went with a friend to pick out her pet fish.

Z is for your time zone.  Central


About Anna S.

History Major. Runner. 20 something. Arts Education Manager. New Okie.
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