Fitness Friday!

I’m going to start recapping my workouts at the end of the week! Next week maybe I’ll even have pictures.

I’ve made a weight loss specific instagram, so I would love if you would follow me there. I’m not as great at the whole blogging thing but I do rock some social media. Anna Losing It on Instagram.

Friday May 22nd

Rest Day.

Saturday May 23

Five Miles with my Dad. At Noon. After a flight and only 5 hours of sleep. Not my best idea. It was hot hot hot (to me). My dad thought I was a baby

Sunday May 24

Seven miles with my Dad again. Did it without taking any walk break which is awesome for me. Felt really good during it probably because we had to start at 6:30 AM. Yay early morning runs.

Monday May 25

Ran a 5K with my dad. Raced it in 36:57. My dad’s GPS was off in the beginning because of rain (gross) so we didn’t get started quite as fast as my goal was. I had two hard days of running before AND it was hilly and rainy so I’m okay with my time.

Tuesday May 26

Rest day because I was flying home

Wednesday May 27

Rest day again. Whoops

Thursday May 28

Ran 3 miles after work

Total Miles: 17 

Next week my goals are 25 miles and not to take two rest days in a row.


About Anna S.

History Major. Runner. 20 something. Arts Education Manager. New Okie.
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